Jitsi build 2.10.5550


Build 5550 for Windows generated on Sun, Feb 05, 2017 9:38:39 AM.


  • Log DNS queries in packet log
  • Option to disable popups
  • Updated translations
  • Database based configuration service enabled by default (switch back to properties file based configuration by creating ~/.jitsi/.usepropfileconfig)
  • Binaries signed with SHA256 by Ingo Bauersachs reflecting the community maintenance
  • Improved add contact dialog
  • DNSSEC validation based on dnssecjava
  • Improved IPv6 handling
  • Draggable call window
  • Fix treating a new ZRTP ID as a mismatch
  • Show SHA256 fingerprint when encoutering untrusted certificates
  • Update embedded JRE to 1.8.121

Removed support

  • Yahoo!, the network doesn't exist anymore
  • Facebook, doesn't allow XMPP connections anymore
  • MSN, the network doesn't exist anymore


  • SIP
    • New Busy Lamp Field plugin to monitor lines on a PBX
    • Fix display name field in SIP account wizard
    • Option to disable proxy filter for HA environments
    • New SDES ciphers
    • Allow to add SIP contacts with spaces in their phone number
    • Support for domains that have NAPTR records for other protocols than SIP
  • XMPP
    • Improved handling of xmpp: URIs
    • Querying of Google Contacts with OAuth2
    • Improve Carbon handling
    • Improve Last Message Edit
  • ICQ
    • Remove 8 character password limitation
  • IRC
    • Realtime contact updates
    • Some support for IRC v3.1
    • SASL authentication
    • Proxy support


  • Windows
    • Support for Office 2016
    • Removed support for Office 2003/2007
    • Support for Windows 10 default application list
    • Support for more webcams, e.g. ManyCam virtual camera
    • Sanitize filename in incoming file transfers
  • Linux
    • Tray icon disabled by default, support for AppIndicator if enabled in options
    • Fixed crash when switching consoles, enabling screensaver, etc.
  • OS X
    • Support for tel: and callto: URIs