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Jitsi (SIP Communicator) RPM installer - Builds Index

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RPM Installation Package Maintainer: The Jitsi dev team <dev (at) jitsi.java.net>

Building at:
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
Institute of Mobile and Distributed Systems (IMVS)

Icon  Name                            Last modified      Size  Description
[DIR] Parent Directory - [RPM] jitsi-2.5-latest.i686.rpm 05-Feb-2014 17:49 30M [RPM] jitsi-2.5-5065.i686.rpm 05-Feb-2014 17:49 30M [RPM] jitsi-2.5-latest.x86_64.rpm 05-Feb-2014 17:48 30M [RPM] jitsi-2.5-5065.x86_64.rpm 05-Feb-2014 17:48 30M [RPM] jitsi-2.4-4997.x86_64.rpm 07-Jan-2014 13:23 27M [RPM] jitsi-2.4-4997.i686.rpm 07-Jan-2014 13:22 27M [RPM] jitsi-2.2-4603.9615.x86_64.rpm 07-May-2013 16:58 22M [RPM] jitsi-2.2-4603.9615.i386.rpm 07-May-2013 16:58 22M [RPM] jitsi-2.0-4506.10553.i386.rpm 03-Mar-2013 14:22 20M [RPM] jitsi-2.0-4506.10553.x86_64.rpm 03-Mar-2013 14:22 20M [RPM] jitsi-1.0-build.3967.i386.rpm 30-Mar-2012 16:51 18M